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Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Pit

Another adventure crossed off the bucket list.  I picked up Josh at the airport and checked into the hotel hours before our concert – Huntress, Testament, Kill Switch Engage and Lamb of God.  The concert was at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie.  Arriving at 6:00 pm we passed through a security check and with our special permit were allowed to enter the mosh pit section in front of the stage where the first band, Huntress (, was playing.  The lead singer, Jill Janus, mesmerized the crowd with her angelic voice and the rapturous I want to fuck you to death felt like she was singing it only for me.   

Predictably the more seasoned thrash metal bands had more stage craft and a bigger following.  Testement ( was followed by Kill Switch Engage ( and had I understood what the lead singer was saying I too would be singing the lyrics with the crowd.


By the time Lamb of God ( came on the pit was filled to capacity with intoxicated participants.  People started slamming into each other and into the spectators which threw you back into the middle of the pit.  One standard etiquette of mosh pits is that if you are slammed to the ground the nearest people will help your up.  As I was four or five times. The pit ebbed and flowed with the music; people standing between songs then on cue with another song started the pit again.  I was in and out of the pit for about 3 hours and came out physically unscathed but thoroughly bruised and knowing I would pay for this in the morning.  

All these bands will never be played on mainstream radio.  I think its best they aren’t given air time with the rest of the phony pretentious crap that passes for popular music today.