Another clueless, airhead model

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Bat House

There’s a street light at the end of my driveway which attracts moths and other flying insects that are hunted by bats.  Recently I discovered some of the bats were roosting under the wooden trim of a house next door.  I didn’t think they would pose a noticeable problem but could be exterminated if my neighbor found out therefore; I built a bat house to lure the critters to a safe haven.  It is installed 15 feet from the roosting area, on a 15 foot poll and stabilized with support rods.  At dawn I waited for the bats to return, hoping they would enter their new house.  They didn’t and I realized my expectation may have to wait a while for success.  More than likely they are Mexican Free-tailed Bats  (Tadarida brasiliensis).

Monday, May 09, 2016

Conspricy Theory

Does a malevolent, powerful evil genius take delight in assembling slack-jaw zombies to stand in front of me at the grocery store and post office? Does he make people:

1. Haggle with coupons at the counter.
2. Ask the clerk to walk across the store for cigarettes.
3. Wait until the clerk says the price for groceries to dig out the checkbook.
4. Act like they are writing a novel on the check.
5. Forget for the 10,000th time to dig out their driver’s license to verify check identity.
6. Repeatedly dig out change after told they do not have enough money to pay for their items.
7. Have 25 items at the 15 item counter.