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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Bat House

There’s a street light at the end of my driveway which attracts moths and other flying insects that are hunted by bats.  Recently I discovered some of the bats were roosting under the wooden trim of a house next door.  I didn’t think they would pose a noticeable problem but could be exterminated if my neighbor found out therefore; I built a bat house to lure the critters to a safe haven.  It is installed 15 feet from the roosting area, on a 15 foot poll and stabilized with support rods.  At dawn I waited for the bats to return, hoping they would enter their new house.  They didn’t and I realized my expectation may have to wait a while for success.  More than likely they are Mexican Free-tailed Bats  (Tadarida brasiliensis).