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Monday, February 21, 2011

Aha Moment

It was Saturday morning. I'm lying in bed garnering enthusiasm to exercise when Motorhead joins me to peer outside the window at a grackle in the front yard. I see the intent in his eyes, a prisoner of his genetic desire to stalk this avian prey. Then it dawned on me, Felis sylvestris, the former Latin scientific name of the house cat, now replaced with Felis catus. Felis? Felix the Cat? Sylvestris? Sylvester the Cat? Sure enough, a little research proved my assumption. The naming of Felix the Cat originated from its creator Otto Messmer. Felix from Felis. In this same vein the legendary Friz Freleng named Sylvester the Cat from Felis sylvestris.

We watch the birds a few minutes more. Motorhead (Felis catus subspecies motorus) walks outside to roll in the dirt and I start the day's exercises.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Motorhead. You're so beautiful.