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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Case of the Missing Cajones

Doobie Jr.  went to the vet to have his cat-manhood sniped.  When I called later for a status I was told he didn't have his teabag to begin with.  Good, I thought, someone did this for me before he went wild on the refuge.  This will save me a couple of hundred bucks.  When I arrived to retrieve him the vet said there appeared to be no signs of a neutering yet he had a penis.  As yet Doobie has not exhibited the signs of a cat on raging hormones although he does give Motorhead grief once in a while.  There's the possibility the testicles are inside him and that would entail cutting him open to dig them out which is like spading and more expensive.  I'm going to wait 2 more months then have a testosterone test preformed to see what's going on.  Figures.