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Monday, October 08, 2012

Oh, sweet carnage!

This week I worked with coworker Jason Ferguson who is a member of the Refuge fire crew.  For this job he operated a Gyrotract with the misson of laying down death and destruction to all  tallow trees and trifoliate orange shrubs in his path.  Both are invasive non-natives from China.

 I was the guide, pointing out which paths to take into the woods on one of our bottomland hardwood forest units.  Collateral damage to native plants was minimal due to the high density of tallow and orange.  A few pecans went down but the newly cleared paths will soon be populated by them as pecans are one of the most prolific seeding trees on the Complex.  The devastation was glorious!  Just imagine what this would do to zombies!

Click on the picture of the trifoliate orange shrub.  The thorns are very dense and some can be 2 inches or more in length.

Engine: 140 HP Tier III Turbo Diesel Engine
Weight:  14,280 lbs.