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Sunday, January 05, 2014


Acceptance?  Hard to say because I didn't ask my family if they've accepted I would never celebrate Christmas with them again.  There was no call from my mother asking when I was coming to San Antonio for the celebration.  Nothing said before or after except for a Merry Christmas email from Cindy, my youngest sister.  At Thanksgiving the family tradition is to draw names for Christmas gifts.  We are not a rich family so one obligatory gift to a sibling or other relative is sufficient.  This is organized by Linda, my oldest sister.  After two years of mild protest she finally left me alone. 

Many atheists celebrate Christmas.  Many atheists have children and tolerate the holiday to avoid conflict in their community.  Other atheists capitulate to a spouse who is spiritual in his or her.  beliefs.  I spent December 25th reading magazines, clearing brush and watching videos.  As an outsiders I find the holiday to be a colossal waste of time and a perpetuation of  capitalistic, neurotic passive-aggressive guilt.  We don't do this for others who have had a relevant impact on American society.  George Washington and Dr. King are given holidays and for the latter a more solemn remembrance but neither are deified like Jesus. 

When you don't celebrate Christmas you'll find you don't miss a thing.  There are more than enough occasions in the year to celebrate with your love ones.  When you don't celebrate Christmas you find that peace and goodwill are inherent in all humans and not a religious invention.  Life goes on the next day.