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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A atheist island

No matter how honorable, moral and compassionate you are, if you're an atheist in Texas most folks think you are Satan. But despite my "disbelief" many people do call me friend. I was told once by a Christian that I surprised her because I'm too nice to be an atheist. As if not believing in a make believe entity automatically puts me in the same company with serial killers and terrorists. Don't bother arguing the existence of a god with a Christian, Muslin Jew ect... You'd have better luck finding the end to a Mobius strip.. I'll give the Hindi some credit though - at least they try to emancipate themselves from ignorance. That's the partial definition of Nirvana, quite different from the mainstream version: a perfect state of pleasure. Some say never obtainable but I found it many times in the last four years.


armstrongfamily said...

Hmmm...that was interesting to read, if nothing else. As a Christian and your sister, I found it only mildly insulting, so you really ARE a nice guy! ha ha just giving you a hard time. Oh, and I don't think you're Satan, because he's not an atheist for one thing. :) still praying for you...someone's gotta do it.

Unknown said...

right on, you godless heathen!
Satan sits on one shoulder, death sits on the other as my advisors.
Rob G of GJ, CO