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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Kids

I have:
3 dogs - Kahn, Othello and Mr. Spock

Kahn showed up at my door one day in 2001. He's 1/2 Catahoola and 1/2 Boxer. He use to be Super Dog but after eight years he's finally slowing down. Still is hyper though and the biggest wuss you'll ever meet.

Othello is the smallest (50 pds) but the Alpha. He's mostly Australian Shepard

Mr. Spock was captured as a puppy in the woods on Federal land. He's the mellow one.

2 cats - Doobie and Motor Head

Doobie was found on a back road in a box with his dead brother/sister kittens. A few more hours and he would have been wild hog food. He's a monster now, maybe 16 pounds.

Motor Head (with beer) was found in a car's engine after it traveled 20 miles. He's a little stunted physically and mentally and knows his daddy is his slave.

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