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Friday, September 25, 2009


My coworker Patrick Donnely and I visited the San Luis Valley in southern Colorado (Alamosa) to participate in a wetland review of one of the state's wildlife management areas.  This review was a brainstorming of experts from many natural science backgrounds.  The intent was to identify species of concern and work out a compatible management plan that would promote habitat/species restoration and economical use of the Rio Grande by the local farmers and ranchers.  It's a political tightrope to walk.  Some families have been farming here for over a hundred years and it's had a telling affect on the landscape as well as driving many wildlife species to near extinction.  Water is thicker than blood in these parts.

We got out a little in the mountains.  Patrick took his dogs one way, I botanized the other way.  Temps were in the mid-30's.  It looks like snow is here to stay for the winter on the tallest peaks.  I wouldn't live in this valley but recommend the Best Western if you're passing through.  Next stop: the northern Chihuahua Desert.

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