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Friday, September 04, 2009

Just how big are those wind generators?

Too many plants missed traveling at 0500 in the morning.

Do you think the residents of the state prison at Eden, TX see the irony?

0730: sunlight at last but only the hardest of wildflowers are blooming in West Texas in August. Others have seeded and these are collected to grow at the monument garden’s desert display: spiny hapalopapus, daleas, green thread, milkweeds. Then the wind generators appear - hundred but just a fraction of what awaits me. How big are these really? I’ve always wanted to know. I would get a hint watching a individual propeller pass by on the big rigs. Now was the time to use my rogue powers to find out. One-fourth mile into the brush gave me the answer and a few more flowers to photograph, a few more seeds to collect without being shot as a trespasser.
Eventually the isolated hills melt into ag land where the miles of cotton are occasionally interrupted by fields of sunflowers and sorghum. Big Spring, O’Donnell, Lamesa and into Lubbock.
Ah Lubbock. That bastion of conservatism. The only reason to stop here is to see my friend Joshua and his mother Andrea. Fourteen years have come and gone since his father abandoned him and I took on the role of mentor. Now he's in the Frienship ISD marching band playing the trumpet. Tonight I watched him at the Friday night football game. Before the game the announcer informs the audience that because of the Supreme Courts ruling there can not be an officially sanctioned pre-game prayer. This ruling was 4 years ago but is still addressed to remind the crowd that the evil fascist liberal infested government took away their right to pray and now there can only be a "moment of silence". Next week the spineless board of education will refuse to air Presidents Obama's speech to the children of Frienship; telling them to study hard in school and strive to be model citizens. How dare he!


Unknown said...

I hear ya dude. i didn't realize how conservative and right-wing Lubbock was til I moved away... And holy crap! That's Andrea's son? He was just a little toddler when we left TTU! Stay strong among the hard-core conservatives! I'll do my best among the granola-crunching socialists here in California.

Anonymous said...

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