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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ode to Rosarita

When I was a transient I would scour the earth for loose change to pay for my daily repast of Ramen noodles and refried beans.  Back then you could get a generic can of beans for under a buck.  Some days I would have enough for "Rosarita" refried beans - the gold standard of refried beans.   At $2.50/can this was a luxury but sometimes you gotta treat yourself right.  Today, after a hail storm ran me off the mountain, I thought I deserved that can of Rosarita for dinner.  Here is my tribute to Rosarita Refried Beans sung to the tune of "Evil Woman" by the rock band Spooky Tooth (circa 1969):

Generic beans, thought you were a blessin'
Than I caught you messin'
Generic beans
Generic beans, you ain't got no feelin'
You're just a dirty dealin'
Generic beans
Rosarita, you know that I want you
Rosarita, you know that I beckon you
Rosarita, can't you see that I'm fallin'?
Rosarita, you know that I'm callin' you

Rosarita, when you're inside me
All the hurt just leaves me
Rosarita, gonna let you in
Gettin' under my skin
Yeah Rosarita

Rosarita, you take away my pain
When you step inside my brain
Rosarita, there is no other choices
I hear no other voices 
Thank You.  Just send my Pulitzer in the mail.

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Anonymous said...

That's great. I remember those gastric days of yours. Keep it up. Rob G of GJ, CO